I remember this illumination happening to me late one night as I stood by my car, getting ready to drive home after a late tiring uneventful day at work. I was having the most unremarkable time on a nondescript day, in the midst of the most mundane routines. I hadn’t completed the paper work, the presentation lays empty and the red tapes at work flashes before me. Heeding, I don’t know what prompting, “This is it, I had enough. I quit.” I hear the voice inside my head said bluntly and coldly. I stopped abruptly in my car, looked around me as if I were opening my eyes for the first time that day.

The entire car became luminous and yet movement was still, everything became suspended. For an instant, it dawn upon me an immediate fear. What can I do for a living? There I was, at 2 am in the morning, tired and depleted of energy begging my soul for mercy, an infinite singularity and complex dilemma emerge inside me.

I pondered long and hard. I was in distressed. Suddenly, a tremendous miracle thought occurred. Tutoring. I could teach Algebra, Math or English. I love teaching. I love the attention. All eyes on me, nobody but just my voice. Undivided attention. That was it.

The journey being a tutor by far has been wonderful. There were times I contemplated if I should set up an online tutoring portal, just to keep my IT skills alive. Setting a virtual classroom guiding students with their school homework. Chances of turning this idea into reality is bleak at the moment as I strongly feel that the personal coaching brings more value than staring at the computer. Having said that, I am compelled with the success of online tutoring portal such as http://www.tutorvista.com/ How did they pull it off ? For now, I think I’m content with what I have achieved. From illumination to reality, I’ve done just enough.