You deserve exactly where you are. I will remember this statement for life. These 6 simple chords woke me up.
The year is almost ending and I look back on my 12 months journey. The 1.1.11 challenge, which I have announced publicly to my friends, to the world – a plea to help me achieve 11111 followers in the Internet world. A handful answered to the call and took actions.
My utmost gratitude to my dear friends. I am truly blessed with such friends in  my life.
Some answered to the call with merely words and took no actions.
Some said nothing and ignored the plea.
I am grateful for all the beings in my life for I have learnt so much watching and observing you. I hear your thoughts. If only you knew.
Tonight, marks the end of my final fear. I have full control of my life. I am in love with myself.
Happy New Year 2011 !