Ally drives into the car wash. As her car enters the drive way, her eyes met with Dylan. An immerse energy emerged within her. Her spine tingled and the moment froze. Within seconds, Dylan opened the passenger door, allowing the water sprinkle showering the car seat. The wet moist air filled the car. Both eyes locked at each other. Without a word, they kissed. Strangers they may be, their tongue throb lustily into each other’s sweet opening. Layer by layer, pieces of clothings ripped apart, revealing Ally’s smooth skin ..

I watched in amazement, Ally Mcbeal Season 3 one late night. This episode lurked particularly deeply in me. Two thoughts overloaded my brain as I watched the episode floored on the screen. “How is it possible for two strangers to have the most passionate sexual experience without emotions? “Why do we need to have the last fling before we move on to the next chapter of our lives?” The answers were not entirely revealed in the episode but it left such strong pondering notation in me.

“It was a man without a face. He just happened to have a dick.” Ally’s word rang at me. Lust in the beast within, compelling the act of love. Yes, it is possible, you may not remember the name, the face, but the steaming passion I’m sure it lingers on. Ally, a single woman, her act in my opinion is acceptable (Note, I said “Acceptable”. It does not imply morally justified, such behavior. ) but Dylan was an attached man. A man soon-to-be wed. So, here comes the big question, WHY? Why did he do it ?

Supposingly, the ‘soon-to-be’ wife finds out, and yes she did. Ally couldn’t refrain her big blooper mouth when she found out at the wedding itself, her one night stand was marrying her client. The plot thickens.

Disastrously, Ally announces the betrayal during the wedding reception at the church, in front of 400 guests ! Conscience reacting well, I’m not sure, at least she has one. Unbelievably as it may sound, the man showed no regrets, no retribution of any sort. A cold, heartless beast. I can’t help but to only conclude that this only shows disrespect to the wife and the act itself questions the love he has for her. If he truly loves her, he would not have hurt her.

So, why did he do it ? Why do we human, crave for that last fling ? Please enlighten me.

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