It’s been a long and tiring first week for year 2007. I dragged my feet after work. I head home with a slight pounding headache. I looked dreaded. My mother’s travesty of my appearance isn’t really motivating. I’m surprised with all the late nights, I still maintain a fine fettle.

After a good hot shower, I pamper myself with Body Shop’s luxurious Mango Body Butter. The mango scent fills my room. I then lit up my aromatherapy burner – Lavender essential oil. I jumped onto my bed. Covered myself with my soft comforter.

I proceeded to my usual routine before I doze off, I picked up my reading book. This time round, placed on my bedside shelf, my Reader’s Digest November 2006 edition. The title “The Happiest Place on Earth” caught my attention. I read with great interest. Apparently, I live in the top 50 happiest place on Earth. According to the Happy Planet Index (HPI), Malaysia ranks 44 in the poll, Singapore ranks 131 and Thailand ranks 32. Gee, no wonder I frequently plan my holiday vacations in Thailand. The truth is simple, I feel happier when I’m in Thailand. In reality, there’s a scientific study on how to calculate HPI. Here’s the extract from the HPI site.

HPI = (Life Satisfaction X Life Expectancy) / Ecological Footprint

The #1 happiest place on earth is Vanuatu, followed by Colombia and Costa Rica. I have no idea where Vanuatu is, I presume its in the Western countries, most likely USA. I didn’t listen well in my Geography class when I was schooling, so don’t “tsk tsk” me. I’m surprised Amsterdam wasn’t rank #1. What’s there to expect of your life in Amsterdam, not happy ? Go get yourself a muffin.

Are you happy, in your residing country ? If not, hop on a plane and head off to the Vanuatu. Let me know where that place is.