“Charity Begins At Home”

How often have you heard the above phrase? I ask for you to ponder the above statement and seek for your stand if you agree or otherwise.

I am standing on the fence on this one. Two weeks back, I expressed the opportunity to 2 students of mine; to help do a mural painting for an orphanage in OUG – Angels Children Home.

Needless to say, the students required their mother’s permission before they followed me to the home. Here’s both the conversation revealed to me; one which I heard with my own ears.

Me: I’m going to an orphanage in OUG to help paint a mural. Are you interested to come help?
Student 1: I don’t FEEL like going.
Mom 1: You have nothing to do at home, you’re just sitting at home on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons. It’s good to help the orphanage. Not everyone is as fortunate as us.
Student 1 : I don’t want to go.

Student 2 : Mom, I’m going to an orphanage this Saturday to help paint a mural.
Mom 2 : Are you getting paid for it ?
Student 2 : No, I’m not, its a volunteer work.
Mom 2: Why are you so stupid? Do work for free. Do you know we are going shopping this weekend ?
Student 2: Yes, I’m aware. I rather spend my time helping the orphanage.

Reactions from both the mothers and children is rather daunting, don’t you think ? You would imagine, that growing in a warm, caring family, you’ll learn to be compassionate. That’s so not true for the above case in point. On the contrary, the latter student has a golden heart despite the cynical view from the mom.

What caught my attention the most was the drive to the home with student #2. I asked if he had any plans for the school holidays and he told me that he will be undergoing an operation this month. I was shocked. He has a tumor on the right hand side of his chest. He told me about the operation procedures, the weekly check-ups at the hospital and how this has affected him in school – he missed his final year exam. All these were blurted at my face, as if he was telling me about his holiday plans ! He even showed me his swollen chest while I was driving ! The success rate for the operation he told me is only 30%. Having said that, I thought to myself, if I had known that I have only 2 weeks to live .. would I spend my precious moments in an orphanage painting ? I really don’t know. I dare not comment.

He has taught me more than I have taught him in class. I trust his guardian angels will be watching over him …