The name is Bond. Jane Bond.
I’m on a mission. A secret mission.

My task is to unfold my hand carry Magnum 9mm and 45mm together with its bullet to safety. Now I have to kill you, silence you since you know my mission. Promise me you speak to no soul of this and I’ll spare you your meaningless, pathetic life.

Wait, don’t leave my blog, please. Halt. That was just me, role playing the secret agent, a replica of wanna be James Bond, 007 agent.

Priced at RM85 for ten bullets, you can be any spy you want. Rent a gun at an affordable price and shoot your RM8.50 bullet shot at the shooting area. Rent a lethal gun, complete with real bullets. Please don’t mistaken, you MAY NOT take the gun out of the shooting area.

Where to get all this ? Where else, Thailand of course. Phuket to be precise. What you can’t get at home, you can always go to your neighbour.

A short post on this, I wish not promote further the violence nature of this gun.