Month: July 2007

It Pays to Blog

I have an itch, on my back. Please help me, scratch it. Thank you.Now, that you have scratched my back, allow me to scratched yours. How ? I would like to give away some cool gifts to you. What ? I have no idea yet. I wish to...

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I’ve Got It Right !

Yet, another visit to the Ministry of Education and I didn’t get lost. The Road Taken Many Times, I found my way home today ! I am gloating in glory now. Let me savour the moment ! Yay !Like this post ? Wanna rebut it in...

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Lonely No More

When I stepped out of the corporate world in year 2006, many was astounded with my brave act. The truth is, it wasn’t really much of a thought act. More of a compulsive act. The change of working style was really difficult...

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