When I stepped out of the corporate world in year 2006, many was astounded with my brave act. The truth is, it wasn’t really much of a thought act. More of a compulsive act. The change of working style was really difficult to adapt. From a people butterfly at work to a working alone solo, the change was drastic. Lucky for me, I managed to find other alternative to regain my sanity. I started a blog in October 2006. It took me 10 months to discover the power of the Internet. Blogging helped me to express my thoughts when students of mine struggle to comprehend utterly the reality of life. My humble blog started rather pathetically. The first post was a real embarrassment. I was blogging using my decade old modem, 36.6 kb running on a Pentium I desktop. Getting anything done on that piece of old junk was taxing. I shan’t even mention the sweat dripped waiting for uploading photos onto my blog.

After a good one year and half working on solo, life for me is much settled now. Staring back at my monitor screen now, sits right to me my old junk desktop and its modem resting on the floor, I smile with the sight of my broadband router at the corner. Not that there’s variety of broadband provider in Malaysia as compared to UK broadband provider or USA broadband provider. I have no complaint with the 1MB bandwidth. I am far more grateful for the creation of MSN and Yahoo messenger.

Although many is disappointed with the broadband providers in Malaysia, 1MB bandwidth is never enough. For the price we pay, we could have 8MB dirt cheap ADSL broadband like the ones in UK. Who am I to ask for more ? From a 36.6kb bandwidth to a 1MB network. I’m in heaven and lonely no more at work.

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