I have an itch, on my back. Please help me, scratch it. Thank you.

Now, that you have scratched my back, allow me to scratched yours. How ? I would like to give away some cool gifts to you. What ? I have no idea yet. I wish to spend my first earned USD100 from blogging with my dear loyal readers. As such, please send me your wants/needs items (leave your kind remarks in comments for this post) that is valued less or equivalent to USD 100. This is my second attempt requesting for feedback, thus I expect some response, else I may scrap the whole Santarina idea and lavish the earnings on myself instead.

If you haven’t notice, I’m a PayPerPost blogger. PayPerPost pays well. I have earned thus far USD24 with them. Long journey to reach USD100? Don’t be so skeptical. Besides PayPerPost, I have other sources of blogging income. Let me reveal my total earnings; USD 80. I have only USD20 to go and I aim to hit that target by end of next month.

Now that I’ve your attention, I need you to scrub my back.

I have an experiment in mind. This, I believe maximises the opportunity on the Power of the Internet world. I have made several blogging friends (or so I think) and now I wish to put this newly blogging friendship to test. PayPerPost offers a new program, paying bloggers to blog about a blogger’s post. Join the blog network. It’s fairly new to me. Anyone who uses this feature from PayPerPost, give me a shoutout in the comment too. Be my blogger friend, be my guinea pig. Or better still, I’ll be your guinea pig, all my posts have this banner in place. Help yourself, go wild !

For those who don’t wish to scrub my back, how about holding my hands ? Hang on, don’t be deceived with my battering eye lashes, I’m not hitting on you. You can hold my hands and we can build a nice circle. I shall call it the circle of doinkers ! Ok, that don’t sound too right. Anyway, here’s how you can do your part, holding my hands. Simple, bring a friend along and join the circle !

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