Soon after the pontianak clothing burning performance, the spectators headed back into the hall. The crowd waited in the dark room. I stood behind a couple. My nose was getting uneasy as I could smell the body odours of all the impatient folks standing all around me.

The spot light came on. I could see placed in the middle of the room was a table, covered with what looked like a pink silk cloth. On the table was a glass filled with some white stuff. The “master” then walked in. He announced the performance title, “Keris Angkat Beras” translated “Keris holding the rice”. He took out a “keris”. The “keris” is a knife used by Malay warriors in the olden days. I was confused so I asked the couple in front of me what was agenda of the demonstration. It seemed nobody knew anything. Everyone was puzzled with the title.

The “master” then mumbled some words and put the “keris” into the glass rice. He lifted the glass with only the “keris”. There you have it, “Keris Angkat Beras”. I was still puzzled, so whats the big deal ? Only later when the “master” seeked a volunteer to come up stage and do the same. The volunteer lifted the “keris” and it came out from the glass. How freaky is that ?