Everyone loves food. Tender, juicy meat is a favourite to all. Barbecued to perfection. Are you the type that live to eat or eat to live?
Why do grilled meat taste so good? Here’s my two cent worth’s. When coal is burnt, the hydrocarbon molecules desensitizes with oxygen and breaking it down to water and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is then released to the environment, creating a trail of yummy yummy aroma. Water stays on the meat, thus explains why the meat is wet.
Now here’s the catch, that’s merely the scientific explanations of how meat is cooked to perfection. To add flavour, you marinate the piece with either herbs or spices. All sound simple to do and tasty ? Wait, there’s more.

This is the recipe adapted from the chef of Emperors from China. No particularly chef by names but somewhere I read about. Meat that “melts” in your mouth must be fresh. To generate the “extra” juice, animals are whipped ALIVE. The canning effect will increase the blood flow of the living organism and when its place under high temperature, the piece of flesh will produce excessive red blood cells. The red blood cells are generated to replenish the dead/wounded cells. In this case of point, when you whip an animal …the skin is injured, naturally the red blood cells take into action and when you literally cook the obvious, a miracle happens. “Extra” juice defined.

The picture above is taken in Thailand, in a fun fair. The next time round you have a barbecue, please ponder a moment on the tasty meal.