NOTE: Please note the corrections in the below post in red. Apologies for the mistakes.

Could you please show me the tip-toe thingy ? Perhaps you may ask if I inform you that I WAS a ballet dancer. Yes, that was 10 years ago, where I did my “plies”, “tendu”, “rond de jambe”, and more mambo jumbo words, which I could throw in and confuse you … I’ll spare you the mercy.

I enjoyed my dancing years very much and I missed it alot. The grace on stage, the lovely dresses and not to mention the look on one’s face when I tell them I can stand on pointes. Occasionally, I get response like “what, you ballet ? can you, I mean, how .. with your *****?”

I jumped to the opportunity when my previous ballet instructor offered me to help out in the school’s concert. I am very excited, I won’t be dancing of course ! It’ll be a disgrace to the school if I did. It’s the joy of seeing little girls gracefully doing twirls on the wooden floor.

It’s a lovely picture I’m painting on ballet. It’s not all grand. Dancers have to endure the blisters and sore feet after each lessons due to pointes. My ten toes used to be plastered 24 hours and wearing heels would make me look like an alien. It’s all worthwhile. No regrets that I have ugly toes.

If you appreciate ballet dancing, I offer you the opportunity to enjoy the concert. Details as below.

Date : 9th Dec 2006
Time : 3 pm and 7:30pm
Location : Securities Commission Auditorium, Bukit Kiara
Price : RM50 and above
Tel : 03-7984 4391
Email :

Profits for the above concert will be donated to the Mt. Miriam Hospital, Penang (Cancer Services). So, here’s a chance to show your golden heart and venerate classical ballet.