When I walked into my house this morning, I picked up the mails from the letter box. There were 3 letters waiting for me. I opened the one that had an unfamiliar look, unlike the common debt note from banks chasing me on my credit card bills or utilities due notice. On the envelope, it printed “Some personal good news for you”. The letter was from Readers Digest, for a moment, it seemed as if everything stood still. I’ve been waiting anxiously for a letter from them as I have entered myself into the RM700, 000 contest. Could I be the one ?

I tore the envelope and in it was a letter and a small piece of paper. I read the paper outloud. It was a “saying of the day” extracted from a calendar. For 8th of March 2007, it read:

“Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him.
Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

I smiled. For a split second, I have forgotten all the horrible things in the world, the worries, the disaster that we see in the daily newspaper. My spirit was uplifted. I continued reading the letter and I was pleased to know that I have the opportunity to claim an entry form.

Apparently, not everyone can enter the contest, only I suppose the loyal, diligent and deserving ones. My effort was worthy after all.

Wish me luck – am I lucky ?