I like to show you my new toy. This is the back.

This is how the front looks like.

This is the wheels.

This is the dashboard.

I got this car from money earned via blogging. Can you believe that ? No, neither can I.

Allow me to share with you the story of my first time experience in the newest BMW 5 series.

It was a fine afternoon. The sun was shining brightly. “Beep ! Beep !” my mobile shouted. “Lunch ? I like to show you my new toy” it read loudly. Half an hour later, a stunning good looking stud arrived at my doorstep. Stepped out of his BMW and winked at me. My jaw dropped. I have a BMW 5 series right in front of my house. I could see the security guards eyeing. “Damn, no neighbours around to see this ? ” I thought to myself.

I walked around the car and he opened the passenger door, inviting me in. I place my butt gently on the seat, afraid I was gonna leave my butt mark on the leather seats. The tour began. It started with the dashboard. A computer in the car ! I listened with interest.

The seats can be pre-programmed to suit 2 drivers comfort length. The ignition is not a key. Its a computer chip, where you insert it in and hit the “Stop/Start” button on its side panel to fire up the engine. Once the vehicle is up and running, the dashboard welcomes you. From the dashboard you can hook basically any mobile model and it will wire itself to the car speakers. The Integrated Chip (IC) also tracks your petrol consumption, your next estimated tank refill, the mileage pattern, basically in short the history record of your fuel usage. That’s not just it, it has a virtual front and back sensor. Not that typical ..tuuut …tuuut ..sensor. I mean a virtual sensor. You get to watch it on screen, it tells you the exact distance of impact. Comes with a 6 CD player. It has 12 air bags.

What impress me the most is, the IC can basically do ANYTHING you can imagine with a car. Digitally check the oil filter. You can spend hours customizing the IC. For those who loves your IT work greatly, you can work while you drive to work.

After the half an hour introduction of the car, we headed off to lunch. A simple lunch but a gratifying journey. I could not stop fidgeting in the car. I was like a jackun.

I returned home, chauffeured 2 hours later. Still nobody in my neighbourhood saw me in the BMW 5 series.