There was a definite quiver in my lower lips as I walked down the descending path. I was afraid I was gonna tumble over with my heavy backpack. That would make me a “rolling May Leng down the hill”. Not a very pretty sight, I figured. Thus, I took my steps cautiously. Without much support, I nearly slipped and fall. Thankfully, I got grip on some hanging veins.

Native Hut

The first stop, we arrived at an abandoned native village. The group including myself like “jackoons” applauded at the sight. Ok, it wasn’t the group, it was just me, jumping in excitement with the “eeekk …looook …sooo cute ! ” I admired the hut’s structure and found a very peculiar sight.

An abandoned karaoke set, right smack in the middle of the wilderness. What on earth can you do with a karaoke set without current?

Around the native hut, I found myself a sturdy walking stick. The walking stick proved itself much worthy.

We continued our journey into the wild. Our presence was welcomed by the crawlers of the woods, the leeches. We were much troubled with the unwelcome guests. Many of us set willfully to remove them but within minutes, the crawlers found their way back onto our fragile flesh.

I got very fascinated with the leeches.

There was even instances I stopped to gaze at them. Their malleability was astounding.

The walk was longer than anticipated. I expected the journey to take 1.5 hour only as indicated in the itinerary. Little did I realized, we have been walking for 5 hours ! It didn’t really feel like 5 hours as I was admiring the beauty of the majestic forest.

Bright Red Flower

Horned Frog

Nice Dried Leaf
Cheery looking stuff

Perfect Dried Leave

Green Leaves

Along the journey, I enjoyed every sight of the exotic plants.

The variety of mushroom amazes me.

White mushrooms

Little hut looking mushrooms

Colonies of mushroom
It brought life to the dark dull brown mushroom consumed back home.

Soon, we arrived at the campsite. It was a bare empty space with nothing except fly sheets. Within brief moment, we settled our backpacks and built a tent. Only one tent was used and I was very fortunate to be amongst the 4 young women sleeping in the tent.

Most of us refreshed ourselves at the nearby river bank. Albeit, the water was muddy and milky, all of us were grateful for a good “clean” wash. There was something strangely attractive, even compelling washing in the stream.

Drying our clothes and shoes had a new dimension.

Boiling water for dinner drinks

The “luxurious” kitchen.

Me on my private chair

Dinner was served and we feast ourselves with the delicious curry chicken and fried vegetables.
The guide then entertained us with his adventures in Kenong park. By then, my eyes were too heavy for me to carry. I quietly sneaked into my cozy tent and dreamt away.

The next morning, I had a good look at the campsite. The sunshine shone through it and it looked spectacular ! I felt so close with nature.

I had the best “roti bakar” (toast bread) with kaya.

Thriving for our next shower, we eagerly packed the essentials for a short 10 minutes walk to the waterfall.

To be continued … the paradise experience at the Kenong waterfall …

*Contribution of photos from Salina and Adrian – my sincere gratitude. My camera ran out of battery. =(