It was not an impulsive act when I went backpacking in Thailand recently. It was not a planned journey either.

I bought the bus ticket and travelled with my faithful companion to Haatyai. Nothing really to shout about in Haatyai except cheap massage.

Plenty to shout about in Koh Samui. I’ll start off with my most proud off stay.

Unlike regular holidays, I usually plan my vacation to the last details. From arrival time to the meals I will dine on. Yes, particulars, exact fine prints. As such, the idea of backpacking to me sounds like a nightmare. No fixed time, no booked rooms, no transport … hell for me!

Well, always a first time, one may argue. Indeed a first time experience for me, backpacking. I live to tell my friends about it, I live to blog about it. It’s funny, how living abroad, far from home, all by myself is not scary to me, but travelling without an itinerary gives me horror.

The hunt for the best bargain in Koh Samui began early morning. From North, riding on a rented motorbike we started our search. The rates ranged from RM 100 to RM 50 per night, with bathroom. Still we were not satisfied. Finally, we arrived at “The Hut”.

I walked on the bridge, leading to the reception. Looked around. Took a few steps on the beach. I saw this heart warming sight and I fell in love. I fell in love with “The Hut”. Of course, it was not just love. We went into the rooms and it was simply simple. Nothing but just a bed. Not even a dressing table to put my pouch. The bathroom/toilet was clean. That will suffice. The room rates ? RM25 per night. What more can I ask for love at first sight ?

The next morning, we were greeted with breakfast in bed. No, I’m just kidding. RM25 per night and you expect to be served ?

Breakfast was just right. My eggs were scrambled, my orange juice had sacs. The morning meadow sanked in as I gobbled my sausage. “The Hut” may not serve the best toast in Koh Samui island but I’m sure it has the perfect sunrise for a first timer backpacker.