Strumming my fingers on the table, I stare blankly at my computer screen. My heart sanked 2 feet under when I saw the ranking on the Malaysia Blog Rank slowly dropping on each passing day. It is now standing at 192. Towards the end of year 2006, the highest hit rank was 133. With merely a week of my absense in the blogging zone, my blog rank in Malaysia has dropped more than 50 placing.

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Have my silence justifies of such “defeat” ? It’s not so much of “defeat” so to speak. More like a blow to my adrenaline. I like seeing the ranking reach its potential state. What is its potential state ? I don’t know, you tell me.

The feeling I get seeing the numbers each time I login is like seeing the slot machines getting a common line, watching it if there’s any cute animation jumping, dancing on the machine. I ocassionally gamble at casinos, in particularly on slot machines. I do that, not for the money. I play on slot machines, merely to “play”. The adorable animations entices me. It makes me laugh. Silly and a waste of money, I know. As such, I resort my “play” behaviour to something less dangerous – participate in ranking games. The effect of adrenaline rush is somewhat similar.

Care to give me a dose of endorphines on my blog ranking ? You’ll be surprise what comes next when I hit the jackpot!