The clock is inching slowly
Time is slipping away
Our country is close to going astray
What are you doing today ?

Have you done your part?
You must or our country will soon fall apart
Please register and vote for a start
Bring your family and do the voting art

It wasn’t a sunny day nor a rainy day. Cloudy, it seemed. The weather was rather melancholy. I was hype however. The enthusiasm built up, I was grinning from ear to ear. I felt accomplished. I was taking my elderly to register for the election.

For more than 40 years my parents haven’t played their part, being a Malaysian. I am embarrassed, appalled to this sad fact. Yes, my parents are guilty of the apostasy. They have forsaken, ignored the call to vote. It’s never too late to retribute. I shall be the catalyst to this change. The journey to the post office didn’t take long but the anticipation was indeed lengthy. Many questions were raised in the 15 minutes drive. How and what ? “To be honest, I have no idea,” I answered truthfully. The last election I was away on holiday. Guilty as charged. I just hope the next election will come and I’ll be around to fulfill my part.

Arriving at the post office, the process was simple. With my parents’ identification card and their signature on the white form, the registration was completed. Next, is to wait for the election day to come.

Have you registered ? Have your parents registered ? If you’re not sure, you can check online at the Election Commission of Malaysia. Registration is really easy. More information here.

I humbly urge all unregistered Malaysian to register for election. Do your part and make a change.