Thank you for submissions to “The Power of Attraction”. I am thankful I had entries, to be precise 3. Here’s entry C.

“Ring ! Ring!” my alarm clock crying out loud. I reached out and pressed on the snooze button. It’s 6:30am. As I closed my eyes, I see her angel face. I must have done something right to have her as my girlfriend. I still remember the day I pulled up my courage to ask her out for a function date. I must have made the right move; bold but not obvious, direct; but not impertinent, fearless; but not reckless. The pondering of my heart, the trembling of my hands sure paid off. It’s been 1.5 years and I have no problem getting out of bed early wee hours in the morning, the thought of seeing her before I start my day gives me strength and courage.

This is my story. The things I do, the silly things I do.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Do anything for the name of love?”. I think I possibly fit the description. I’ll climb the highest mountain and cross the deepest ocean for my girlfriend. Ok, that’s too an obvious lie.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Food of love?” I could relate very well to this statement. Not that I can cook a hearty meal. I sure can deliver “food of love” anytime of the day. Order is just one call away. The look on her face when I bring her craving of the day melts my heart. The smile, the satisfaction when I see her enjoying the meal is beyond words.

Every morning, I drive her to work. Because I always see her everyday, I really did not think much of it. It was a nice feeling, a gesture I’ve grown accustomed to, it became a routine. Friends often ask “how do I gather the strength to wake up and face the 1 hour traffic jam?” I smiled to that statement and only answer “The power of love”.

The feeling to be able to do simple things for your loved one. Everything is worth it at the end of the day.