Money is the root of all evil. If you are willing to discard the evil in you, you will find the true kindness in your soul. No doubt, money is important; it makes the world goes round for those who has it and makes life a living hell for those without it. If money is evil, why does the absence of it makes it a living hell ? It does sounds like, as if the Devil needs to exist in life. Whoever doubted the presence of the two horned being is obviously wrong.

We are living in a materialistic world, where money matters, where evil exists. Don’t mistaken my point, I don’t imply that if you are wealthy, you are the son of the Devil, neither do my statement indicate that you’re an angel if you are pennyless. It is important to realise the fact that we, human should not allow ourselves to succumb to this evil. Most often human are blinded with the search of wealth and as a result, we tend to disregard our own well being and sacrifice our morality.

How many times at work in a day, that you have told or did a white lie to gain advantage in a situation ? The corporate world calls it the “bullshit talk” where else the retail world regards it as the “marketing strategy”. If we truly live in honor of our morality, all of us would be living in the stone age. So, don’t feel bad if you sold your last “unworthy” product to an “unneeded person” just to meet your sales quota of the month. We are just making a living. That’s the sad truth about life. Of course, they are a few awaken ones, who seek other values in life besides money. Most often, the treasure hunt is for “love”. These hunters are called the “love seekers”.

Having clarified the evil in money, I have unconsciously discovered a trial, a test for seeking true friendship and love. I’m sure you may be aware of the idea but have not read it in black and white. I could be so wrong, hence, I seek your view in my Pondering Notion.

A person who truly values your friendship or love is willing to lend you a reasonable amount of money. Allow me clarify the ambiguity of ‘reasonable amount of money’, it is not a dollar or a ringgit. An amount that would raise an eyebrow. This is with the assumption that the person can afford the sum.

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