After having lunch with my girlfriend a few days back, I was saddened with the story shared. “Seeing your loved one marrying another and there’s nothing you can do about it except weep yourself to sleep every night.” I only imagined this would only happen in the movies and not in reality. The poor chap was sobbing to my girlfriend on the phone. He literally broke down in tears as his faith and hope was crushed into million pieces when he found out about the news. A man’s tear speaks a thousand words, I empathise strongly in my older post.

When my girlfriend finished the story, I asked, ” Do you think the guy should let her know how he feels ?” “No,” she answered sternly. “It’s meaningless anyway,”she continued. “True indeed, nothing he says will change the fact, but it will surely relief his misery” I heard myself say. I got back into the car, troubled.

I switched on the radio, these were the songs played, in the exact order:

1. Only Heaven Knows

My thoughts: Poor guy, should have let go. Why is he still holding on?

Song replied: And even now she’s gone I’m still holding on So tell me where do I start Cause it’s breaking my heart Don’t wanna let her go

My thoughts: She will never come back

Song replied: Maybe my love will come back someday Only heaven knows And maybe our hearts will find a way Only heaven knows And all I can do is hope and pray ’cause heaven knows

2. Right Here Waiting

My thoughts: Silly guy, should have chased her earlier. Waited for long.

Song replied: Wherever you go, whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks I will be right here waiting for you

Someone please tell me that the radio is broadcasting love songs this month, else it would be a frightening conclusion that my car is communicating with me! Perhaps, my car is “BumbleeBee” in disguise from Transformers. I refuse to debate further with my car. This is insane.

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