I have a bad habit.

I like to read. Anytime, anywhere. It’s chronic. I never realized how this habit could caused annoyance to others until one fine day.

It was mid afternoon. The sun was scorching the land. I was stuck in a traffic jam. Time seems non-existence as I sat silently in the motionless rows of cars. The traffic was as still as a statue. The small book found its way into my steering wheels. My head was buried in it.

Honk ! Honk ! Honk ! I jumped in fright. Behind my car was a big van. Flustered and angry the two men gestured their hands against their head, I believe a sign of stupidity. I looked up, in fear that I didn’t realize the car in front motioned. What was ahead was a distance of 1 meter, no more no less. I didn’t bother to accelerate so I continued reading. The horrid sound came blasting again. This time, the tune lingered on for eternity. I was forced to step on it. The car moved a stone’s throw away. I looked at the rear mirror, this time they showed me the finger. I started boiling, horns started piecing through my skulls. The impatient van driver gushed to the next lane and my car slowly geared next to him. I gave the men the cock stare. To my utter surprise, they retaliated with the fingers again. That was it ! I wheeled down the window and my morale values and manners vanished into thin air. I became a monster. The rage took over me like waves of tsunami. I started yelling, “What’s your problem ? Honk, honk, the cars moving ah ?” They shouted back, “You should not be reading !” With that, he sped away to the next lane, forcing his van into the small space in between the inching cars. I was left angry.

Why do such people exist ? Makes you wonder why.