It’s 10 am and I just finished a conference online. TV downstairs was on and the volume was blasted till the roof. I had to go downstairs to see what’s the commotion. Sat in the living room, were 2 of my nephews, dressed in their shorts and shirtless. Men start young being topless. I try to shrug the obvious. I tried to imagine myself being topless walking around the house, not a good sight.

“Why are you not in school?” I enquired. The little voice answered back, “I’m grounded.” He continued, “I got into a fight in school yesterday and I am not allowed to go to school today.”

“Why are YOU not in school?” I prompted further the young boy seated next to him. “I am sick”. Indeed he is, the viral mind sickness, so he can stay home with his brother, so he can stay home and watch TV.

It puzzles me the education system today. Ground a student and refuse entrance to school because he is ill behaved. Let’s put things in perspective.

You are at work and you had an disagreement with a colleague. It was so bad that your boss “grounds” you. You do not need to go to work the next day. You get paid still the same for your salary. So, how do you feel about that ?

I rest my case. Something is very wrong with our education system today.