I was getting ready for new year celebration. My bags are packed. I hopped into the backseat of the 6 seater Kia. “Beep .. Beep” my mobile rang. It was a New Year greeting message. Short and sweet.

Half an hour later, I dozed off. “Beep .. Beep” my mobile snorted. Another New Year well wish. It was a religious message, no less, simple and thoughtful.

I arrived at Malacca town 2 hours later. “Beep ..Beep” my mobile screamed again. I didn’t bother to check the message this time as I was busy taking photos of my surroundings. My companion noticed my behaviour. He calls it the “blogger syndrome” easily defines as the “compulsive need and act to take pictures for blogging purposes”. I left a smirk in somewhat agreement.

Yes, I find myself intoxicated with the “blogger syndrome”. I am compelled. My 10 years of friend spoke no more than 10 words to me in a week before my blogging era, now impatiently awaits for me online for new post everyday. I am greeted online every time – I feel wanted. What started off as an innocent space for me to be myself is now an addition. It is then, I realise the extensive power of technology; computer, digital camera and mobile phones. So, here I am spreading my 2007 joy to everyone surfing, reading my blog!.

My top ten greetings for year 2007
Patience is a virtue
Tolerance is a test
Humbleness builds character
Love moves the world
Thanks for a great 2006
Looking forward to a fantabulous 2007 with you
Wishing you a SEDUCTIVE & HORNY year
LICKED by love and PENETRATED by heavenly graces
and may all your misfortunes be EJACULATED before the season has CLIMAXED!
To my dearest friends
Thank you for the warm wishes year 2006. I f*** it all.
This year, save the crappy greetings.
Send me petrol vouchers, hampers or cash.
I removed item 9 till 3 on the list. I almost fell asleep typing it out. So, I shall save you the trouble of reading them.