Exactly 11 years ago, I stole this from a stranger. A stranger I never seen, all I know it’s a guy. A very sentimental guy. What is it, I took ? A poem.

His words captured my heart then and I still read his writings with an ache. Call me a thief if you like. You are now a culprit too if you read on. Be forewarned.

Every Teenager’s Quest for Love
There’s always a beginning
A start for every teen
The game of love
Do we all play
Our first love warms hearts
Strikes chords deep within
Happy times together
Walks on the beach
Candlelit dinners and hours on the phone
Similarities and differences
Do we compromise upon
Loving and sharing
Every moment in time
Solving problems and overcoming hurdles together
Never a dull moment but times
filled with laughter and joy
Cherishing the moments
Spent together forever and over

There’s also an end
To every fresh beginning
Never victorious are we in the
complex game of love
Treasuring forever the
very first teen crush
Laying in bed, recalling all the
ever sweet moments together
Fights and quarrels alike
Making up in the end
Never bearing a grudge but
always forgiving and loving
Separated by the quest for time
Spending less and less time together
Crying your first tears
for your first true love
As they say “Nothing lasts forever
In the cold November rain”
But still holding on cause
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”
Gone is she now
gone to further her dreams
Leaving behind, pieces of her ever so brittle heart
Taking along with her
Half of mine too
Slowly diminishing is
the memory of her
Every now and again
A song plays over the radio
Causing your soul to flutter
Bringing to mind sweet memories
Equal to none is
The love for your first
The friendship that once blossomed
keep fading with every sunset
Kept alive only by
Souvenirs of the past
Knowing deep inside that she
will always be a sweet memory

Soon comes along
Somebody new
To replace that space
Left void by the first
Refilling the emptiness
but never as before
Comparing the old and new
yet still pondering over the irreplaceable
Embarking on a new
Quest and voyage for love
Encountering and sailing over
new, bigger and different storms
Questioning the one “above”
regarding the future
Never sure as with the one
who shattered your heart’s dreams
Love is a game that we play
and we play only to lose
Having to start anew
With every fresh loss.

Wow .. congratulations ! It’s finally over. Yes, the page finally stops here. Now, you understand my ache, I ached writing this down on my notebook 11 years ago. I ached typing it out now.

Once upon a time ago, a 16 years old teenager wrote this long arse poem!