Guy: You and your women Cs. 5 is bad enough, you have to come out with 3 more ! Simple, yet you claim to be. Simple Girl with Simple Needs. Why not call your blog, “Simple Girl who thinks she has simple needs”

Me: Ah ..cmon. Don’t be anal about it. I was just being honest on the topic. I’m sure men have their needs too.

Guy: Yes, we have our Bs.

Me: Please share.

Guy: First B, Brain. We like intellectual women.

Me: Ah .. that’s interesting. I always thought that men dig women for looks only.

Guy: Of course not. We don’t want a stupid woman. But looks is important. That’s the second B, Beauty.

Me: Ah .. yes. A pretty face. A must for a man.

Guy: Beauty is very subjective.

Me: Yes, I agree. So, what’s the next B.

Guy: Butt.

Me: That’s superficial. I guess the last one is Boobs?

Guy: Yup. The jackpot.

Me: So, everything boils down to looks !

Guy: Yeah, men are shallow.

I rest my case. Confession from a guy. In short, women are very materialistic and men are very shallow. That’s probably why you see an ugly rich man hooking up with hot dumb girl.