When my friend offered me the forbidden video of Paris Hilton, I was thrilled with excitement. The most talked about Night with Paris amongst the guys, yes, that video. I couldn’t hide my eagerness, I was jumping with incitement as I never imagined to be able to get my hands on that video. I could of course search and download it from the web but that’s just plain low – porn surfing.

The video landed on my laptop and the night came. I was ready to watch it. I never thought much of Paris, probably just the pretty blond gal who just got lucky. Someone who has everything and can have anything she desires.

The video started and the manly figurine appeared. He uttered, “this is my girlfriend and she is ….” I paused for a moment when the guy referred to Paris as his girlfriend. A very peculiar act of love. Here this is my beautiful girlfriend, now I share her with everyone in the world; my declaration of love. I was clearly disturbed. The film rolled on, I realised that I wasn’t watching a regular porn. The routine was sexual indeed. As Paris uttered the 3 sacred words, “I love you”, I knew I was witnessing the act of love. My heart sank so deep, it stopped for a brief moment. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I stopped the video and wallowed in sympathy for her. Although many may agree that she deserves this, allowing herself to be filmed and willingly participate in the rollers. However, I am skeptical that she was in agreement in releasing the video to the mass media ( I could be wrong !) Whatever sexual image she portrayed to the media, truly she don’t deserve the betrayal. She may have the beauty, the fame, the wealth, she could have any guy and she chose to love a jerk who betrays her love.

What strikes me the most, its the ability for one to say one thing and act, behave so controversially. This behaviour is rather common in today’s society. It is undeniable that we are crazy by nature. What makes us different from being crazy and turning insane, is to have strength to control our actions. Once a while, we may lose our sanity and do things we regret the rest of our lives. If this happen, find it in your heart to forgive yourself. It is true that we need to live up to our own words but ultimately, it is our actions that speaks the loudest.

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