The crowd walks around impatiently. Hardly anymore seats available on the bench. I gushed by the automatic teller for my number. 2192, the number printed, sideline another number appeared 2098. “Gee, another 94 person before its my turn” I thought to myself.

How often does the above scenario happens to you in a bank, a post office or even any service industry with an automatic teller system ? What do you do ? Wait or walk away?

This is what I usually do.

I wait for the next number to appear ..2 seconds …if no one is in sight .. I look at my own slip….this is followed by a “dufus” look and a “slap” on my forehead .. then I walk hastily towards the counter. Make my transaction ..and walk away graciously.

I offended no one in the process .. I merely seized the opportunity. Try it the next time round you have 30+ odd numbers in queue. If you get beaten up, try to batter your eyes !