Can friendship be rekindled ?

The last time I saw them was 12 years ago. If it wasn’t for that day, we would never cross path again. Time has been very kind, for they looked exactly the same the day I bid them farewell. That very moment on that special day, we gathered and laughed like teens, just as we often do, just like we’ve never been apart. Then, we say our last words to each other, and never be heard again until the next special day came again.

I am not sure if that bond is call friendship. One, that can be absent in your life for more than a decade and the light reappears just like that. Just when I have bleak hope, when darkness falls, the Almighty sends me small reminders that the light can be reignited. Just a spark and oxygen in the air will do the rest.

This post is dedicated to the light in my life, my dear friends. For only you, took notice of my absence, a friend who remembered me as a friend.