I wonder how the fine line between an acquaintance and a friend is drawn. Here’s my personal judgement.

An acquaintance

  • someone you meet and greet once a year
  • someone you meet once and hear about them from other people

In my definition of friend, it branches out to:

A casual friend

  • someone you sent at least a sms to once every 3 months
  • someone who replies your 3 months sms
  • someone who knows if you’re married or otherwise
  • someone who remembers your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s name
  • someone who knows your last name
  • someone who knows the location of your house address

A good friend

  • someone you sent at least a sms to once a week
  • someone who replies your weekly sms
  • someone you sent an email to at least once a month and receive replies from them
  • someone who has been in your house/room
  • someone who you’ve been out with at least once a month
  • someone who knows or share experience of your silly/unforgetable moments in life
  • someone who is willing to lend you money

Best friend

  • someone who knows your deepest darkest secret and is able to threaten you with it
  • someone who keeps your deepest darkest secret
  • someone who ramages your refrigerator
  • someone who’ve met all your ex bf/gf

It’s a sad reality that friendship do burns off …