When I got into the car that Friday afternoon, I had only one thing in mind. “Go to Bandar Salak Tinggi and head back to Cyberjaya”. I had my destination in mind, I knew how to get there. It must have been my twentieth time visiting the Ministry of Education’s office. Trouble is, I could never find my way back home without getting lost.

Before I head off, I drove to the nearest petrol station, filled up my petrol tank. Be prepared, plan ahead.

The journey took me 30 minutes. It was 11:30am. I bid goodbye to the officer and took my standing proud certificate back to the car. I glanced at my wrist watch, 12pm. Great, I have half an hour to drive back to Cyberjaya. If I get lost, follow the signage to Putrajaya, I’m sure I can locate Cyberjaya from there. That was my contingency plan.

I arrived at the familiar junction. Staring back at me, was the traffic light blinking its motion teasing me in contempt. This time round, I thought to myself, ” Ok, another chance to make the right turn. I’ve been through this path before and it brings me to no where land. Let’s try a different bend. ” My car turned right. I circled around Dengkil area several times, yet I couldn’t find the exit to Cyberjaya or Putrajaya. Mystically, after a few turns here and there, I discovered my way to Putrajaya. Brilliant ! I know exactly where I am. I was so wrong.

Beep ! Beep ! My mobile snorted at me. “Where are you ?” it urged me. Little did I realise, its 1pm and I’m still in Putrajaya, lost. Knackered. The road look all the same to me, only the street code differs. I was trying so hard to find the right road and at the exact moment of 1:03 pm, it just hit me, how enchanting is the magnificent architecture and fine crafted street lights in Putrajaya.

I pulled my car at the side of the road, stepped out of my vehicle and gazed upon the bridge close in sight. A friend once told me that Putrajaya has 9 suspension bridge. (if I recall correctly) The architects must have worked so hard materialising the design. Here I am, lost and hungry, I stared at the concrete structure. I took a deep breathe and went back into my car, continued my no where journey.

Soon, I arrived at a familiar building, the Putrajaya mosque. I know this place. Next turning, is the Prime Minister’s office. This road I’ve taken yet many times. The next swift, I found myself heading back to Cyberjaya. I arrived at Cyberjaya at 1:30pm. My friend greeted me with a bright smile.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that there’s always a friend waiting at the other end? You may get lost along the way in finding the path to your destination. If you do get confused, just stop, look outside, seek beyond the road, look inside your heart, seek beyond the obvious and you shall find your way home.

*Pictures extracted from http://www.pbase.com/zainudin/putrajaya. With much gratitude I thank you.

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