Year 2006 is almost coming to an end. Another 17 days and we welcome the 2007 year.

What have you acomplished this year ? Too broad ? Ok, let’s make it simpler, have you brighten up someone’s day today ? Frown not, I present you the “Top Ten List Happy Things To Do For Other People”.

10. Smile to your neighbour’s dog
The bugger will one day stop shitting in front of your house

9. Call the food stall lady “Leng Lui” – direct translation “Beautiful girl”

You’ll get an extra slice of meat in your noodles

8. Say thank you to the toll collector
(S)he will stop giving you 5 cent coins as change

7. Buy a packet of tissue everytime you go into a public toilet
Probably then, the workers will earn enough to bloody keep it clean

6. Greet the car park attendant upon entry
He’ll tell you where to park your car
5. Smile to the person sitting next to you in a bar
That person will watch your drinks for you

4. Send out holiday greeting cards to your friends
You’ll be surprised the complimentary meals you get from them

3. Inform the pirated DVD seller that his stall has the best DVD selection
You get to exchange your DVD if you don’t like the movie

2. Visit my blog EVERYDAY
You’ll make my day

1. Tell your friends about my blog
I’ll be famous