He walks out of the bathroom, wearing his bathrobe wrapped around his muscular body. I could see the moist air coming out from the door. I gulp with anxiety. His footsteps brought him seated next to me in the bed. He lays down, turns around and gazes into my hazel eyes. By this time, I could hear a needle drop in my heart. I could hardly breathe. His long lean fingers reaches my face, brushes my long hair to the side, slowly, gently, he tucks my hair behind my ears. He draws himself closer to me. He emanated the comforting feelings that he cared about my unspoken words. He then pressed his lips against mine. The warmth of his tongue flows through the vein in my body. I could feel myself floating, my soul separating from my body. His fingers clutched around my naked skin, and he ….

“heeeellloooooo……..yoohoooooo!!!” Snap out of it, May Leng. I could hear my conscience yelling at me. Earlier this week, a friend introduced me to a Hong Kong, Singaporean female blogger. I didn’t even catch the name or the blog address. It was brought to my attention as the content is rather intriguing and provoking. It’s about her sexual experiences. To me, it was soft porn, written eloquently. My friend suggested me to “try” to adapt to the writing style. So, I did, my stab in attempt to explore my sexual written verse as above.

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