I used to follow a blogger for many years. I think it must have been at least 2 years. She wrote of such beautiful words. The blog was dedicated to her boyfriend. A love so pure. Then, she went abroad to study. Still, the emotions were strong. Her boyfriend sent her flowers and gifts. I could almost feel her excitement each time she pen her thoughts on the loving posts.

Months past, her writing started to get ugly. Her boyfriend stopped calling. The enchanting lullaby slowly manifested into vengeance. It was almost she hated herself and the keyboard was her only friend. I was helpless. I posted up encouragement to her. I was a stranger trying my might to let her know, life has its meaning with or without him. Then, it went dead. The blog shut down. I never knew what happened to her.

This post is dedicated to her. In times when I read blogs, I miss her. I read a blog today on feminism and it reminded me of the alluring lady I never met. I pray that love will find its way to her soul.