Friend: Women these days are so bold !
Me: Why do you say that ?
Friend: They are not afraid to ask men out.
Me: er…that’s a bad thing ? So, you prefer waiting by the phone ? You do realise that these days men are not so proactive ?
Friend: Yea, but it spoils the fun for men. Its the chase that excites them.
Me: Really ? Maybe men these days like to be asked out ? Saves them the irony to come out with great pick up lines.

It was rather a conflicting discussion, nothing came out conclusively out of this topic. I could be wrong and my friend could have mistaken. Response for polls have been rather slow in my blog. So, I have no idea why I bother putting yet another poll. Perhaps, I seek for answers to feed my pondering notion. Perhaps I ask too much question.

Is there any truth in what my friend claimed, that women these days are bold ?

Is there any truth in my belief, that men these days like to be asked out?

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