Life is like a piece of art block. When you started school, did you ever realize that during art class, everyone had different types of art material ? Some had the 36 color set of color pencils, where else some had only the 12 combination set. There were also others who had none, those that had to borrow shades from others.

I remember when I was young, I envied a friend of mine. She had the most beautiful set of 48 color pencils. Every gradation of the light spectrum was in it that box. Each pencil was sharpened to perfection. I had the 12 set, where the basic ground of color was granted to me. Sat across me, further down the classroom, was a little girl tied in little pony and her pinafore was rather dirty. She sat at the corner of the class during that lesson because she had no art materials. She did nothing, she drew emptiness.

Did the girl with the most art material had a class pin up at the end of the lesson ? No.

If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, don’t expect your life to be colorful just because you had the tools. The art block is yours. You need to draw.