“Teacher …teacher ..what is ….” “Student …student ” I replied followed with an answer. The class burst into laughter. The boy is teased by his peers as “student”.

I often reminds my students to humbly greet me as “Miss Lai”. Teacher, I am not by profession. Tutor, yes indeed to be precise.

My daily conversations includes:
– how was school?
– any homework from school today?
– what did you eat for lunch today?

Not much of a brain stimulation, is it? I believe I understood the essence of my reason why I started a blog (see post “To do or not to do”)

I’m deprieved of intellectual conversation. Honestly, who isn’t? How often can you find an opportunity to share thoughts of such you view in my blog with others?

Not many appreciates the micro values in life, mainly because we are too occupied living it.

The “enlightenment” dawn upon me when I posted my blog url in a blog forum. Who am I when I don’t write ? This is who I am when I write, just me. When I’m not blogging, I am a dedicated and committed tuition tutor.

Thank you, dear stranger.

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