Cruise in style. Let the wind sieve through your face and brush along your fine long hair. (spiky hair for males). What’s your liking ? Choose a vehicle of your choice. You may feast your eyes.

First, we have the nice playboy in white. Topless. You can feel the air when you wish to and put on the hoot when it’s too chilly for your likings. A playboy with skirtings, now you don’t see that very often, do you?

Coming up on the list is for those bachelors/bachelorette. Ride in this cool, slick bike and I promise you, you won’t be single anymore.

This classy bike comes with a spacious compartment underneath your seat. Big enough for your working suitcase, a trendy handbag and a bathing suit for the odd occasions.

The best bargain is, no longer fighting for car parks. Fits in any slot, vertical or horizontal. Place it as you deem fit.

I have not left out the couple bonanza in purpose. Save the best for last. Rides in pairs for the lucky ones. Comes in bright pink and blue to match your perfect outfit. Extra lightings in front for the ladies. Shine up!

So, have you decided which transport ? No, not your taste? Fear not, come back for more .. I have another one just for you.

NOTE: Pictures taken with courtesy from Indonesia, Bali and Thailand, Phuket and Koh Samui.