Sleeping under the moonlight with stars twinkling above my head was indeed refreshing to my soul. It was not the comfort of where I laid my head but the feeling of infinite closeness with nature. Each breath I took in the woods smelled of fresh petals. The morning dew on 1st September 2007 is still beaming in my memory.

As I stepped out of my tent, I could feel the crisp morning and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Breakfast in the morning was short and sweet. The trekkers were all eager to head out to the waterfall. Packing our essential basic needs; shampoo and bath gel, we started trekking to the waterfall.

Journey was far challenging; testing our skills and stamina.

Luckily for me, my rock climbing experiences has proven itself worthy. After much effort in the climb, amazingly I still found strength to pose for photo. Vanity has no boundaries.

Crossing stream with glasiered rock,with one purpose in mind; to sink deep into the cold running water. This thought drove us to climb with strength.

Finally, we arrived at the destination. The beauty of the realm welcomed us ever so humbly.

Half naked men and women, splashing in cold, running water. Cleaning ourselves .

The nature spa experience was overwelming. Water flew past every part of my exposed surface. Laying on the rock, every specturm of light glazed through my naked skin, if I may describe it, a satisfying orgasm.

To be continued … the journey to Buta Cave …the final frontier ..