A refreshing dip in cold fresh waterfall H2o surely refuel our energy. Lunch was brief as we were all eager to continue our journey to Buta Caves.

Along the trek, many friends of nature caught my attention.
The Ant

An army of ants

Bites from the wild insects

Ferns on log

Beautiful wings

The Dragon

After a while of endless, repetitively photo taking, greens of wild didn’t excite me anymore. Nevertheless great company kept me alive. Just as we were contently exchanging thoughts, a loud sound was heard from the near distant. My curiosity grew by a mile and I wanted to investigate. Before I could put my footsteps forward, a stern loud voice shouted, “Run, run, just run ! ” Fear for my life, I ran as fast as I could. Passing another fellow trekker, busy peeling leeches of his shoes, he too was shocked. Without a word, he joined our marathon for life. Finally, after a sprint of 200m, we slowed down. Gasping for air, standing feeling ridicule, the four of us looked at each other, we started laughing. “Why did we run?” I asked naively. Confidently, I heard an answer, “I think that was an animal in rage. Could have been a tiger or an elephant or a wild boar. Whatever that was, it wasn’t a good idea to stay around and find out. Somewhat disappointed the three of us nodded in agreement.

Continuing our journey, we endlessly reminisce the run, teasing each other, the walk became part of us.

Finally, in near sight, we arrived at Buta Caves, Blind Cave. All of us gaze in awe, not at the sight of the cave but to the fact we could now rest our dying feet.

Unpacking, we made ourselves a place call home.

Night came and tales of the dark woods were told by the trek guide. Chills ran through my spine as the guide speaks of the friendly spirits who guards the enchanted forest. Though as warm as it sounded, I wasn’t comfortable so I crept into my comfort zone and dozed off.

Morning view of Buta Cave

The next day, the trek back was very interesting. It was different.

Kenong Park

Undivided attention on the offering of Kenong Park

We visited more caves.

Hijau Cave – Green Cave

Bridge to Green Cave

Bat droppings in Cave

Kesong Cave

We scrolled past a native village.

We bid goodbye to the cow.

Said parting words to the chicken.

Crossed the Kenong river and went home.

My experience in Kenong park. I left with the memory of:

New Friendship

A journey that never ends. If your body don’t fail you, your equipment/tools will

I am small, in the woods

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