The room is dark and you sit alone by the corner. The whispering sound of crickets is heard outside the window. You see a shadow running across the tiles. Your eyes shutters and you pinch yourself, you are not dreaming. It is real.

Something, someone is in the room. You curl up in terror. All of a sudden, you see the running shadow standing still. In near sight, a shining blaze sparkles. It looked like a knife. You see Chucky, your favourite doll. Chucky is holding a knife and he’s running towards you. What do you do ?

The movie Child’s Play haunts me deeply. It depicts my inner fear on dolls. A fear that’s unexplainable. Yes, I admit I’m a doll puss.

Have a look at the picture above. Do you find it cute or scary ? An artistic creation from the team of Asia Pacific Videolab for their annual dinner last year. My companion thought it was really cool. I beckon to differ. It provoked my fear. I have this feeling that these painted dolls will come to life and walk around with a sharp blade. Probably, walking around looking for its clothing. Eeek, gives me sheer shivers writing about it.