Apparently men love to be asked out. My guess is, some are just too lazy to make the first move and some are just too shy.

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So, for the sake of mankind, luckily women have evolved in the 21st century and have embrace themselves to forsaken their pride and dignity in the dating world. Tomorrow will never come if a woman don’t call.

Worst still, a woman sits at home and waits for the phone to ring, she’ll most likely grow cobwebs. Please do take note that my poll result on Women in the 21st century is far from being conclusive. If the 6 women who had voted “No; I rather wait for his move” are busy on weekends with dates, please do share your secret – what do you wear while waiting at home for the phone to ring?

Pick up lines. I have none. Just me, the simple truth.

1. I need to eat and I hate eating alone. Do you have time for lunch/dinner now?

2. I got stood up and I have an extra movie ticket. Wanna you be my hero and save my day?

3. I’m attending a party/wedding dinner and I need a date. Interested to be my part time boyfriend for the night?

4. I’m bored. Can you please entertain me?