The whistling sounds, tapping, water running on my window pane woke me up this morning. I was still lazing in bed. I glanced and the sky still looked dark. While laying in bed,I felt this sudden heavy pressure in my heart, an empty void. I didn’t know what it is or why its there.

I got up, took a chair, placed it in front of my window and sat, watching the rain. Little drops of blissful cheer from the sky. I gazed in awe the patterns formed on my glass. Somehow I could always make up an image from the fine lines, as if they were encrypted message from God and I was put forward to decipher it. In the midst of my vivid imagination, sometimes I could catch the stream of colourful spectrum as the sunlight passes through my room. Seeing that light, watching the raindrops, always cheer me up. Not today, I sat for a long 10 minutes on the 23rd of August 2007, I felt bare.

This is the day I knew I needed a hug. A hug with substance.