2 hours speed boat ride to Mae Koh Island Lagoon, Thailand is all worthwhile. Upon arrival at the island, I climbed a flight of rock stairs for half an hour. I plunged up the steep ways in fear, afraid that there will be bats flying out of the dark caves. Sounds of birds chirping and waves from the sea motivates me to move further. Midway, I stopped some visitors walking down the steps and enquired, “Is it nice ? How far more ?” “Breathtaking ! Just a few more flights up,” answered the Western woman. “Alright, I’ll kick my muscles. It should be all good”, I encouraged myself.

I have arrived at the top finally. I stood there and gaze in amazement. Breathtaking indeed, it has to be .. half an hour up the rock stairs and another half an hour through some caves.

Excellent view ? You be the judge. I spent an hour and trek back then.