After 6 months spending time with the cute little puppy, he now claims it as a stray dog. A very disheartening story reflecting the many faces of family style in upbringing a child. I think compassion is rooted in your genes.

The 11 year old boy abandoned his puppy outside the house and refused to claim ownership of it, as his parents speaks of the dog as a stray – core reasons, the dog has wondered off, mixed with some stray dogs and have infested with fleas. The dog seems to have lost its “status” since it befriended the “bad crowd”. “The dog brings his friends over and thinks that this is his house”, said the 11 year old. I was dumbfounded with the statement.

I wondered to myself what will happen if one fine day the parents of this child is no longer able to care for themselves. Will he outcast the parents out of the house ? Compassion Vs Heartless … The cruelty of men seem to have won over the boy’s heart.