This Chinese New Year I discovered something new about my family history. I have a grand aunty. My grand aunt is 60 years old this year and the big discovery was, I found out that she married my grand uncle when she was 30. What’s the big deal ? Well, my grand uncle 30 years back was 60. If you do the Math, this far relative of mine married a man 30 years older than herself. And here’s the punch line. She’s mistress number 5.

So, grand uncle must be very rich and horny at the age of 60. With all due respect, the statement in itself is a compliment to my late grand uncle – God bless his soul.

I arrived at the unfamiliar location, step my little toe into the corner terrace house along with my family members. A young, tanned man greeted us at the entrance and guided us in. Dashingly charming looking, I must admit, the cute hunk is my grand nephew. The family ties get pretty ironic and confusing when you ogle at your own blood line. In fact, it was rather icky our acquaintance when our eyes made contact.

I sat in the living room quietly and I thought to myself, this woman, a stranger in my life, I greet her by respect, grand aunty strikes to me as a humble, friendly lady. A far contrast to a name once tagged on her. On the way before arriving the home, I was brief on the background of “The Gold Digger” by mother. What a horrible way to cast upon an innocent woman. Couldn’t it possibly be that it was pure love between a 30 year old woman and a 60 year old man ? Why the biased judgment on the woman and not the man ?

I sympathized the years she had to endure, the sacrifices and compromises she made for the name of love.

Why is it acceptable for a man to date/marry a younger woman but sadly yet our society impose an ill name on the woman? This is clearly discrimination to women.

For a fact, a woman needs security and assurance from her partner and when one fails to find those attributes in men close to her own age, the next best option is to, seek it from older men. That, to me, is a practical approach in meeting your needs. Biologically, in general, men’s mentality matures slower than women, I believe an average gap of 2 – 5 years. So, when a woman recognizes that and chooses to escape from the paradigm, she’s a definite “Gold Digger”. How shallow.

Now, let’s look at the situation when a woman dates/marry a younger man. The term for the woman is “Cradle Snatcher”. Need I clarify further?

Age is indeed a factor. Succumb to that, you close your heart to love and just be blinded with the number.

That grand aunt of mine has my utmost respect, the courage to love.