A picture paints a thousand words. Does it matter what’s interpreted in the frame? I thought it did but sadly the reality is, it doesn’t.

I realized the platonic truth through a recent experiment of mine. It all started when I joined a social portal and I’ve registered myself with the status “single”. “Why do you bother putting down the details in your profile? Nobody reads it anyway” my friend nudged me sarcastically online as I excitedly shared with her my new found web interest. My response to her was, “Well, it will matter to those who are keen to know my well being. It opens up an opportunity, an invitation so I may claim for a date. My optimism didn’t delight her.

My curiosity got the better half of me. I plotted a plan. I uploaded a photo and changed my status to “Married” in Friendster.

One week passed. Nothing.
Please note that I have 134 friends.

Two weeks passed. No reaction still.
102 visitors looked at my profile.

Three weeks passed. And I’m STILL married. So, does it matter, whats on the photo or whats stated on my profile ? Not at all ! Lesson learned of the day.

Do not be worried about what others think of you, as most of the time, people don’t think much at all about you !