Me: Hey, guess what? I wore the jumper you said looked nice on me on Sunday. I sat down for lunch and then walked away. Then, while walking I felt a sudden breeze on my tummy. I realized that the jumper has torn into 2 parts !!! I had to hold on to the jumper till I got home.

Friends: Oh my gosh ! I’m so sorry. The stock is not mine. I’m helping my friend clear stock. Please bring it back to the store and exchange it for something else. I’m really sorry.

Me: Sure, no problem. I’ll come by this week.

I then exchanged my torn jumper for a pair of heels. 

3 days later.


Me: Hi, I hate telling you this. The shoes I purchased from you recently is torn. I wore it for one day and by mid day, both shoes at the front end ripped itself off.

Friend: What you mean torn ? Aiyo, how you wear shoes one? So “cho lo” (rough). Wear shoes also can get torn !

Me: This is my first time buying a pair of heels and it got ripped apart when I wear it on the day itself. I’ve been wearing shoes for almost 20 years now ! Never once, I torn the shoes on the first day.

Friend: This is my first time customer purchase from my store and came back twice with damaged goods! I think you really need to learn to take care of your clothings/shoes better.

Me: *Boiling, with silence*

Friend: Nevermind, only for you. Since you are my friend, bring back the damaged shoes to me and I’ll you can get another pair of shoes.

Me: No, no, no. I don’t want an exchange. I just want to let you know that perhaps you should not consider getting your stock from the supplier. His quality is not so good.

Friend: What you mean, not so good ? ! No one ever complained. Only you, don’t know how you wear clothes and shoes, one ! Clothes also can koyak, shoes also can get ripped apart !

Me: *Silence* It’s OK then. Just thought you’d like to know.

And my friend wonders why business is not so good for her.