It must have been at least 20 years ago, my parents last walked into TGIF. In fact, it could be my mother’s 2nd visit after the first one, the time I celebrated my birthday. It was a luxury to dine in TGIF, not exactly a fine dining restaurant but growing up in an average earning income family, this was the closest father could afford then. Now, all grown up, I walked in my own high heels, clutching my father’s hand, I noticed how hard his palm has become. The solid flesh revealed a life that endured the years. Step by step with his walking eye, the cane tapped from left to right. The hand that rocks the cradle held my beloveds hand on the right. Unspoken moments, my mother countenance radiated love. As the door flung opened at the entrance, mother’s eyes sparkled with a girlish twinkle, I knew that she remembered that special year with my elder brothers.

Glancing at the beautifully set table, the three of us were seated comfortably. I took out the proud winning voucher and set it on the table. Mother looked at the photos on the menu and she gulped at the pricing. I assured her it’s free since we have the RM100 voucher.

The truth was, RM100 is not enough but I hid the truth from them.

We ordered our delights. Appetizer came. The mash potatoes finished within seconds.

The lamb and steak came enormous, juicy and appetizing. Gnawed with hunger, we gobbled down our food so fast I didn’t have time to take a decent photo. Mother literally licked the hot plate cleaned.

When desert came, I was creeping with joy. Feverishly, mother and I swallowed the candy plate like little kids. Selfishly, we gave father only a bite for taste and forbid him anymore of the goodies. Chocolate and ice-cream aren’t a diabetic person’s best friend.

We left TGIF with a full stomach and a flashback of the good old days.

NOTE: Many thanks to Esther (previously from Nuffnang) for posting me the TGIF vouchers. Thank you TGIF and Nuffnang for the free meal.