You’ve got mail ! Surely, this sounds rather common to those who receives e-cards. I think I’m one of the dinasours who still prefers the old fashion way, hardcopy holiday greeting cards.
This year round, I came late on my delivery of greeting cards. I procastinated. My conscience creeped up two days back.

Finally, I gave myself a slap on the back and hit on the nearest bookstore to purchase my bulks of processed paper. To my utter dissapointment, I could not find any Deepavali cards ! There were plenty of packed Raya cards. The person behind the counter raised an eyebrow and said “this year limited Deepavali cards, stock habis”. I was not satisfied with the answer, determined to find my cards, I rushed to the next nearby hypermarket. I searched high and low, lucky for me .. I found one 10 packed cards lying on the display area.

It was rather quite funny, I had two workers helping me locate the packets of cards from the large bulk. As I was frantically tossing the cards all over the basket, I muffled, “nobody celebrates Deepavali, keh?”. The men looked at me, puzzled and speechless.

Albeit all the effort, I smiled to myself. Feeling gratified and content that I finally mailed my Raya and Deepavali cards today. If you received my card late, my sincere apologies. Next year round, I’ll kick my butt earlier. 😉